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Insurance Brokers Claims Procedures

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The defining reason for a client to incept a policy is to insure against any potential loss that they may incur throughout the allocated period of insurance. When that loss occurs procedures need to be in place to accommodate the requirements of the Policyholder and the Broker in order to settle the claim as swiftly as possible to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Reporting of all Incidents

All incidents should be reported directly by telephoning the Tradewise Claims Department on 08707 002288 who will log the initial advice. A completed incident report form will also be required. This will be dispatched directly to the Policyholder.

It should be remembered that it is a condition of the policy that the Insured shall give notice in writing to Tradewise as soon as possible after the occurrence of any accident, injury, loss or damage. Every letter of claim, writ and summons shall be notified and forwarded to us immediately upon receipt. Notices shall also be given in writing to us immediately the Insured has any knowledge of any impending prosecution, inquest or fatal inquiry in connection with any incident for which there may be liability under our policy.

No admission of liability, offer or promise of payment should be made or given, by or on behalf of the Insured without the written consent of Tradewise Insurance Company or their authorised delegates. Underwriters shall also be entitled to take over and conduct in the name of the Insured any claim that is made against them. The Insured will be obliged to provide any necessary information and assistance that the Underwriters may require.

Fraud Prevention and Detection

Data Protection Notice as issued to the Insured in the Policy Wording Booklet

In order to prevent and detect fraud we draw to your attention in accordance with Data Protection Legislation, the fact that we may at any time record and monitor telephone calls for the purpose of detecting fraud & deception. We may also pass your details through any number of data sharing / fraud prevention agencies such as Hunter and CIFAS.

Your insurance cover details will be added to the Motor Insurance Database, run by the Motor Insurers Information Centre. Along with the Claims and Underwriting Exchange Register, run by Insurance Database Services Ltd and The Motor Insurance Anti Fraud and Theft Register, run by the Association of British Insurers.

It is a condition of your policy that you must tell us about any incident (such as accident or theft) whether or not it gives rise to a claim as soon as possible. We will pass information relating to it on to these agencies. If you or anyone acting on your behalf discloses false or inaccurate information and we suspect fraud as a result, all benefits under this policy will be void. The matter will be recorded with the above agencies and pursued in accordance with the law.

We may share information about you with our associated and subsidiary Companies. Other organisations may also use and search these records in their effort to combat fraud and undertake credit searches.

The Company wishes to make it clear that the vast majority of honest policyholders suffer as a result of a few. Our aim is to provide the best possible service to the genuine customer. Through the use of these systems and certain interview techniques, we are able to address fraud in such a manner that enables us to keep premiums competitive.

Claims Procedures

Certain claims follow different procedures. This is an outline of how you as the Broker should endeavour to administer all types of claims that are encountered under the various policies that we underwrite.

Motor Comprehensive

When the client wishes to make the initial report they should telephone Tradewise Insurance Services Ltd on 020 8350 4020. We will take details and supply the client with the relevant claim form for completion. This should be fully completed, signed and submitted to us urgently upon receipt together with a copy of the last user’s driving licence and two competitive estimates for any repairs (one if the vehicle is immobile). Indemnity can not and will not be confirmed until such time that we are in receipt of these items and they are completed to Underwriters satisfaction.

Upon receipt of the relevant items we will arrange for an urgent inspection of the Policyholder’s vehicle by an independent qualified Engineer. Once indemnity is confirmed we will contact the Engineers immediately in order for them to authorise repairs to the chosen garage. An inspection may not be required. This will be at our discretion. If an inspection is not required, then we will authorise repairs according to the lower labour figure on the estimates supplied, directly to the garage concerned. In all cases a without prejudice inspection of the vehicle can be arranged by Tradewise in order to minimise any potential unnecessary costs such as storage and recovery fees. Upon collection of their repaired vehicle the client will be responsible for any excess and VAT applicable. If the vehicle is declared a Total Loss, the Engineer will arrange for the vehicle to be removed to a place of free storage. The vehicle will be left at its location if it is not incurring charges or if the client expresses an interest in retaining the salvage. Should the client receive any Third Party correspondence, it should be forwarded on to us immediately, unanswered.

Motor TPO / TPFT

The client should make the initial report by telephoning our claims department on 020 8350 4020. We will take initial details and send the appropriate report form for completion. This should be completed and submitted to us as soon as possible along with a copy of the last user’s driving licence. Should the client receive any Third Party correspondence then it should be forwarded on to us immediately, unanswered. Indemnity will not be provided until the appropriate completed documentation is received and validated. If the incident is non fault or there is a dispute over liability the policy holders claim will be refered to Wisecall Claims Assistance for them to persue the policy holders uninsured losses. Their contact details are listed at the bottom of this page.

Motor Theft

Upon advising of the claim by phoning 020 8350 4020, the client should be supplied with a Theft report form, which should be completed and submitted to us along with a copy of the last user’s driving licence. The client should also submit the Vehicle Registration Document, MOT Certificate, Purchase Receipt, Service History, Keys and evidence of involvement in motor trade (if relevant). We will make the standard enquiries into the loss, appointing an Investigator if necessary, and enter a recording of the loss onto the MIAFTR (Motor Insurers Anti Fraud & Theft Register). As part of our fraud prevention policy, details may be passed through a number of data sharing/fraud prevention agencies such as Hunter and CIFAS. Should the vehicle remain unrecovered and our enquiries are complete, a written offer will be made to the client. All offers made are subject to the outcome of these enquiries.

Wisecall ULR Claims Assistance Ltd

Should the client require representation to recover their uninsured losses then they can make use of the Wisecall Uninsured Loss Recovery Service. All non-fault claims, or incidents when there is a liability dispute, are forwarded to Wisecall for them to deal with. This ULR service is automatically covered when the client has a Tradewise policy. Please note however that the cover relates to the driver of the insured vehicle only. Their details are as follows:

Wisecall Claims Assistance Ltd
Suite 4, Vermont House
Vermont Road
Tyne & Wear
NE37 2SQ
Tel: 0191 417 6444
Fax: 0191 417 6555

Summary of important points

* Insured to advise by phone to the Tradewise Claims Department on 020 8350 4020.
* A written report is required as soon as possible even if for information purposes only.
* A copy of the last user’s driving licence is required on all claims.
* Indemnity will remain outstanding until these items are received.
* Two estimates required for all Accidental Damage Claims (one if vehicle is immobile).
* An inspection may be arranged at our discretion.
* A without prejudice inspection can be arranged to avoid unnecessary costs being incurred, whilst indemnity matters are outstanding.
* Vehicle Documents should be supplied with all Theft / Total Loss claims. No offers will be made until these items are received.
* All Third Party Correspondence should be submitted to us immediately, unanswered.
* Where appropriate and if the policyholder has no other ULR representative, Wisecall Claims Assistance Ltd. will be instructed by ourselves to handle the clients uninsured loss claims.

Customer Service & Complaints Procedure

Should an occasion arise where either you the Broker or the Policyholder should feel the need to make a complaint about any aspect of the service received from the Tradewise Insurance Services Claims Department, then the party concerned should contact the Operations Manager who can be contacted either by telephone, e-mail or in writing. If the complainant remains unsatisfied that their complaint has not been addressed to their satisfaction then the matter can be referred to the Claims Director of Tradewise Insurance Company. His details are as follows:

Claims Director
Tradewise Insurance Company
Tradewise Insurance Company Ltd
292-308 Southbury Road,
Enfield, EN1 1TS

Claims Department contact details:

Department Telephone: 0844 620 1234

Department Facsimile: 020 8350 2350

Department e-mail:

* This information is correct as of December 2015